Girls, Would you be scared or a smart damsel?

Girls if you was ever kidnapped in any situation and you have been bundled into to a car by kidnappers and they then bound and gagged you with duct tape!! Either lock you in a room or a car trunk!! would you be a smart damsel in distress and wait for a chance to escape or would you be a scared damsel in distress who is has probably only had their mouths retaped with duct taped because they where making too much noise?

the reason I ask is I was interesting in writing a short story and looking for ideas on a female who has been kidnapped but manages to escape


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  • Unless they were muscular, I'm fairly confident I could take them. Smh, try to kidnap me. Lol

    • You know a bit of self defence? lol

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    • No. Especially not if they have several others. Means they're probably professionals. likely that their "base" is well guarded/secured.

      If they have more than just me, I'd ask one to take off whatever was covering my eyes. not yell it, but whisper it. Or see if I could use my knees to move it off my eyes so I could get a peak of my surroundings. Work my way from there.

    • Likelihood is they take you to a place maybe a warehouse or a empty house where they might tie you to a chair it might be a struggle for you if your hands or either tied with handcuffs or zip ties but duct tape might be an easier option where at this point they might be kind and choose to remove the tape on your mouth now it will be very difficult if they where professional but people make mistakes

      Now if they leave one or 2 people to guard now you might have a chance to make an escape

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  • I'd be a smart girl. Not damsel. I'd be scared a little of course. I mean, I'm being kidnapped, but I'd figure things out. I'm quite resourceful.

  • i think i'd be scared at first... and then try to calm down and figure out what to do.

  • That would be scary, but you have to fight past the fear, think rationally, and do what's necessary to survive.

    You never really know what you'll do until it happens, unless you have experience in these kinds of high-stakes situations, but that's what I'd hope I would do.

    • You have to do what you need to survive and there will be a lot of adrenaline going on especially if you have figured out a way to escape of course it will be scary at first

  • If you're in the boot of a car you need to kick out the back lights and then wave to the car behind through the hole to rescue you

    • That's could be a useful idea but might be a problem if your legs/ankles are tied as well

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