Does anyone here play agar. io?

Does anyone here play

  • Yus! 10/10 Pain in the ass!
  • Nope im a normal
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  • Yesss! I also asked a question lol (https://www. girlsaskguys. com/other/q1534555-anyone-here-knows-this-game)
    I used to play a lot, it was awesome! However it gets boring with time, since you have nothing to achieve besides being number 1. So I don't really play anymore.
    Try "Mitos. is: The Game". It's like a better (and I mean REALLY BETTER) version of agar. io :p


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  • I played it a lot about a year ago before facebook got it. I'd get to the number 1 spot and just sit away from all the green spike balls knowing no one could kill me haha. I suffered from a bit of boredom last summer 😅

    I actually got pretty good at it but haven't had the motivation to play it as of late.

    • Did you know if you reach a certain amount of extra bodies you can eat those spike balls?

    • I know that if you are small you can eat them. So I guess if you keep on splitting you'd be able to eat them, if that's what you are referring to?

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