Everyone got mad last night why can't people just be happy?

We were all having a great time last night and that's how I like it. For everyone to be happy all the time but I know you can't always be. When we got in the car, I noticed that my stepmother looked very pissed off at my dad. My dad apologized to her TWICE times, but she won't speak to him. He said what he said to her was inappropriate and didn't mean to say that and he's very sorry but she STILL won't talk to him. She just ignored him and just drove. I wanted to say something but I didn't. It really bothered me that she's ignoring my father and his apology. My sister is upset at her boyfriend for saying something behind her back and she won't talk to him. When we got home. My stepmom stormed off to her room and my dad went after her.
I told my sister that whe needs to just accept her boyfriend's apology and move on. I also said forgiveness is very important and I hate seeing my sister upset. Then she called me out saying, "Dana (me), shut up! This is between my man and I and everyone has problems time to time. You can't expect people to be happy all the time and not have problems and you know that. I don't need a fucking lecture from my own sister!" and she walked off. My stepmom told me to stay out of my dad and her business with a snappy voice. Why is everyone getting mad? I just want everyone to be happy and not have problems.
What do I do?

  • Get over it! Each and everyone of us make mistakes and have our downsides. We can't always be happy all the time.
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  • Stay out of people's business.
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  • You're an adult. You should know that you can't always be happy all the time.
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  • You can't expect everyone to not argue. You gotta expect it.
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  • Snap out of it!! This is reality. Deal with it!
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  • U know what's the best thing to do in these situations? Just don't say anything. Let it be. Coz whenever u say anything they will get mad at you. So just try to avoid talking to them when they are really pissed off. I know its a crappy feeling, but they will be happy again soon, we all have those super bad moments from time to time :/

  • Best thing to is to just let them be. It sounds like you are unaware of the specifics, so you would have an uninformed opinion; which people tend to not like it when others give unwarranted advice. Whatever was said must have really upset them, so they just need time to vent.


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