What is your opinion on a tv show like Cops or Beyond Scared Straight?

Honestly I think they are interesting and can be funny. But some people say the shows are racist and harmful to the individuals that are portrayed on there.


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  • I love those shows hahah. I'm a bit conflicted myself. Part of me is sympathetic towards these people, because obviously someone who had a good life and who was happy wouldn't be in these situations, but at the same time, I'm a firm believer that we create the life we live. They made a series of decisions that led to this moment of being on a show like this. They may have been troubled, but we are not slaves to our pasts and we are not victims of our lives.
    Part of me doesn't care about the criminals because they got themselves in that position and they deserve punishment for their stupidity, but another part of me knows it's a lot more complicated than that.
    Either way, I like those shows.


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  • I honestly don't care for them,
    every episode of cops is too similar
    Some asshole gets pulled over, the cops find something very illegal, usually copious amounts of drugs or a gun and he goes to jail.
    My dad used to watch it every Saturday

    • I do like how they make fun of it in Shrek. America's most wanted was better though

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  • Nobody appears on Cops unless they've had the cops called on them! It's not like they go around picking and choosing the stories to be racist - half the people you see arrested on Cops are pot-bellied toothless white trash who stagger around in front of their trailer waving a bottle of JD and insisting they didn't do *bleep* nothin'

    • Is there ar variant of cops for Canada

    • @Waffles731 There was, called To Serve and Protect/Under Arrest. It's very old. There's also Courage in Red. There is no regular series like COPS is.

    • But yeah,
      White Trash are generally the worst around here.
      the combination of meth and booze just does crazy shit

  • Beyond Scared Straight is quite comical. I'm usually like, wow your parents must like you. I would have beaten you to a pulp already

  • haven't watched cops.
    But beyond scared straight is the most stupidest show ever.
    I mean you have to expose kids to the environments of prison to get them to behave?
    Seriously.. Have we gone full retard?

  • I think they're interesting but not my cup of tea.

  • The people on the show are there because of the actions they take. As far as entertainment factor, they are really good shows to watch.


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