With zero video production skills, is this short clip good or bad?

Here is a short preview of my new series
Projext GMAG

Get Me a Girl
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  • Good job, man!! 3/5. Some critiques would be that I think it'd be much better to use pixelation (should come with your common video editing program) instead of a grey box to block out logos and such. While your shots flow nicely, I'd say there's a way to frame them better, color correct them (just a bit), and edit them to make to improve it. For example:

    In the 1st shot, the text is backwards. To someone watching, this is a bit off-putting since they would want to know what the text says without having to flip the letters in their head. There should be a way to flip the whole shot horizontally in your editing program. Also, pixelation rather than box.

    In the 2nd shot, there seems to be some syncing issue. His mouth doesn't line up with the audio too well. I'd suggest a different font and size for the caption on the bottom. I like how it's simple and not too jarring, but it's a bit too simple. I'd also suggest adding more information like his official job title in smaller text underneath the name.

    In the 4th shot, I'd suggest not cutting off the text in the background. I know it's not the main subject of the shot, but it can be bothersome to have cut-off text in the back for the more curious viewers, but that's just me. The cameras a bit noticeably shaky, and I'd suggest color correcting it so it doesn't look so home-made. Also, pixelation rather than box.

    • The word "ambulance" is supposed to be backwards because when you are driving, you can read it in your rear view mirror.

      Yea, I agree with the blocks. But i dont want yo disclose exactly where i work. I am trying to hide logos.

      I am using some android app to create movies. When i return home, I will use windows movie maker to make corrections.

    • Oh, okay. Yeah, it's perfectly fine to keep where you are secretive. I didn't know that "Ambulance" was written backwards naturally; I just learned something :) Hmm, so then it's a dilemma, keep the text backwards in the shot for the sake of realism, or flip it for the sake of clarity. Realism vs. Clarity. It's up to you want you want to do :)

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