Disney apocalypse. Who's on your team?

Another zombie apocalypse is here. An amalgamation of all the movie/game zombies/rage virus infected/weird mutated infection whatever. You have a 7 member team - which individuals do you chose out of the entire Disney verse, including Pixar when it was together?
*assume all powers and abilities work even without the correct context
*assume no one is "immune" (remember Marvel Zombies verse before screaming for Wolverine).
*assume the futility of this endeavor. Lol.

Although I guess x men doesn't count because they're not yet included in the marvel verse bought by Disney?
I think I'd pick Pocahontas, Bucky Barnes, Tarzan, the guy from balloon farm that could make a jug of lemonade by putting a lemon in a jar or whatever, Tron/Rinzler, Lightning McQueen, Kylo Ren.


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  • Deadpool was immune... Until the zombies all turned into deadpools, which was even worse than zombies.

    Merlin from the sword and the stone.
    Genie from Aladdin.
    Hades from Hercules. Seems like Hades could do something about the undead.
    Vision from the avengers.
    Mr Fantastic.
    Iron man.
    The adult version of Lewis from Meet the Robinsons.

    • LOL wasn't it like, zombies bit deadpool and turned into deadpool and then due to some hive mind thing they all turned into zombie deadpool?
      And Mr. Fantastic was the one spreading zombie infections around like some crazy psycho wasn't he? Lol yeah you can have that.

    • Deadpool swallowed what he thought was a cure, and let them eat him to spread the cure if I remember right. I didn't read all the comics so I don't know what part Mr. Fantastic played. I want Mr. Fantastic for his brain, and not his power though, so he can team up with Iron man, and Lewis, and solve the problem. Lewis on his own created a time machine, so I think with more geniuses helping I would be okay. Phineas and Ferb would have been good choices as well though.

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  • The Genie, Magic Carpet, Elsa, Hercules, Mulan, Bagheera, and Captain America (kinda falls under Disney now, right?).

    • Yupp. And nice. I love how you included Magic Carpet. 😄 and Genie was a good choice, I forgot about him.

    • Cool, yeah I'm sure Genie could really help even the playing field haha.

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  • Im going to leave out marvel and starwars and just go legit disney, assuming you were even alout to have luke skywalker on your list to begin with. Im also gonna just try and use main characters instead of listing the gods from hercules lol
    Dash from incredibles
    Tinker bell
    Anddddd Sora from kingdom hearts 😎
    Does sora count? Lol

    • LOL. Lol. Yeah when I said Disney I was accidentally factoring in everyone from star wars and marvel, as you can tell by the MZ slip up. Llz. But no, I'm gonna put my foot down on sora. 😒 sora.

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    • God. Why. 😒 sora. What's so great about him.

    • I don't know i didn't even finish the second game but he seems like can handle lots of zombies with his seord and magic

  • 1.) Stitch
    2.) Mulan
    3.) Goliath
    4.) Maleficent
    5.) Robin Hood
    6.) Iron Man/Tony Stark
    7.) Shere Khan (2016 vrsn) or Ursula

  • Only 1 needed.

    The genie

    Wish for it to be all over lol

  • Stitch from Lilo and Stitch
    Elsa from Frozen
    Fairy Godmother from Cinderella
    Maleficent and her sidekick in mostly dragon form (from the movie Maleficent)
    Genie from Aladdin

  • 1. Maleficent
    2. Merida
    3. Genie
    4. Hercules
    5. Hades FROM Hercules
    6. Baymax
    7. Pocahontas just so I can fuck her aND be like herxD

  • Iron Man, the Hulk, Ultron, Ursula, Malificient, Snow White, and the Beast

    • What's snow white there for tho? Lmao like I looked over the list and was nodding my head, cuz I can see the utility but then Snow White.

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    • Trying to imagine Tony Stark interacting with Snow White. Lol, damn.

    • It's a gamble I'm taking!

  • Baymax and the other members of Big Hero 6
    Merida from Brave or Mulan (either one)

  • Maleficent, Stitch, Genie, Captain America, The Scarlet Witch, and Hercules/Iron Man.

  • Spiderman, Shreck, Donkey, The Ginger Bread Man, The Muffin Man, Ariel. Nothing ain't stoppin me 😂

  • Genie Tarzan Kim Possible Merida Ferb Tinkerbell Baymax

  • Tarzan, Merida (Brave), Genie, Beast, Hercules, Stich, Tron

  • Merida, genie, Tarzan, mulan, Hercules, the beast


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