How many chances do you give a restaurant before giving up on them?

Theirs a new wine and flatbread place down the street from my girlfriend's and I's apartment and its been open about a month. We tried it and were not overly impressed but it was opening weekend. The manager seems like a nice guy and we decided to go again and the place was mildly busy so we figured it improved. The waitress was inexperienced to say the least and didn't know how to open a bottle of wine. I worked at a bar my freshmen year of college and I could easily open a bottle of wine by the time I was 19 so there was no excuse that a server couldn't do it. Then my girlfriend's food came out at the same time as her salad and mine came 30 minutes later and overall I hate to shun a place so soon but I'm running out of patience.


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  • Honestly if the food itself is nice, i tend to overlook the service if i'm paying normal "casual girlfriend dinner" prices.

    • I think me being a server for a year in college made me notice poor service more and the food is alright and the price is reasonable for wine so I want it to be cool but it's hard for me to overlook the kitchen messups and the inexperience of servers.

    • Isn't that funny, i worked in a kitchen during uni and it makes me notice the palette and quality of the food way more than the service, haha!

      What you can do is just stop going and come back a couple months later - it's your hard earned cash at the end of the day. As i'm sure you know, no restaurant opens without a few kinks that need ironing out. Even with rehearsal - timings, dish styles and speed of service all need to be synced and tested with actual paying covers.

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