Is anyone willing to share an HBONow password?

I signed up for the 30 day free trial, but it expires tomorrow and it doesn't makes sense to me to pay $14.99 for a service that I literally only use for 1 hr., for 1 tv show (Game of Thrones), 1 night a week. Especially when there are only 3 more episodes (therefore weeks) left after tonight. Nothing else on HBO interests me so at the end of this month I wouldn't even use it anymore. Help me? I'll trade a Netflix password.


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  • Instead of asking for passwords (which are linked to people's credit cards and personal info), perhaps you could simply look up the shows you want online? If you type in "Game Of Thrones online season ___ episode ___ " I can basically guarantee some sites will pop up you can stream stuff.

    That sounds like a better idea than asking for passwords/usernames from internet strangers you haven't met before. It'd be kind of unwise for a person to share their username/password with whoever asks. Heck, it is the reason why there are passwords in the first place-- so they aren't shared.

  • Just use Popcorn Time.


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