Is this classical music kiling you?

Is this classical music killing you?


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  • if you mean killing you in a good day , yes i love it and i was raised with classical music and find it the best music to do anything with.

    • I mean it is so depressing.

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    • i guess the music brings out the emotions of the person listening to it like the moonlight sonata
      its an amazing piece and i love it but for some it kind of makes them sad or alone etc. but its all in the mood of the person i guess.

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  • Not at all! I've never heard of this before and now I like it

    • This music is not depressing to you?

    • No, I don't find it depressing even though it's in a minor key. I find it soothing and slow-paced (that kind of explains the adagio). It's quite odd for me to think this way because minors are seen as melancholic, so I guess that made you think of it as a depressing one. I find this piece an exception to that stereotype.

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