For those GAGers who are Diehard Batman comic book fans, do you enjoy the animated movies and TV series of Batman more or the live action ones?

As a big Batman comic book nerd, I honestly love the animated movies and TV series more partly because they were my childhood but mainly because they stayed much more truthful to the comic book storylines than the live-action movies ever had.

  • Animated Batman movies (Batman: Under the Red Hood, Batman Year One, etc.) and Animated TV Series (1990s)
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  • Live-Action Batman movies (The Dark Knight trilogy, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, etc.)
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  • Others
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  • They can never get love action DC movies right. Never. The best Batman Movie ever made is Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and its an animation.

    The Batman Superman Movie: World's Finest is also an animation and its 100 times better than Batman V Superman.

    • Even though I still enjoyed movies like The Dark Knight (which is a still a great live action movie but in it's own way), I still never understood why people often overrated that movie. Even though Heath Ledger was a vastly underrated actor and a great Joker, TDK still didn't stay quite true to the comic books, script writting and story-wise. They just randomly threw in an annoying character like Rachel Dawes (who never existed as a Batman character in any of the comic books at all).

    • I guess they dont stay true to comic book so that they are able to tell a different story. Technically if you want the same story as a comic book you can just read the comic book, and if you want something "new" you can watch the movie. At least thats how I explain it to myself lol

    • Thanks for the mho man

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  • I grew up with the 90s Animated Series (and its accompanying "Mask of the Phantasm" movie), and to this day that version of the character is still THE definitive interpretation of Batman and Bruce Wayne to me. :D I rewatched a few dozen episodes recently, and in some ways it's even better to me now than it was when I was little.

    The only thing that I prefer one of the live-actions for is: Christopher Nolan/Anne Hathaway's version of Catwoman, because I personally don't find the Animated Series' version of Catwoman a very interesting character, for some reason. Andrea Beaumont and even Zatanna were more interesting characters and love interests for Batman despite having less screentime, in my opinion.

    I picked "Other" in your poll, though, because I also still love the Christopher Nolan live-action trilogy, and prefer it over most of the animated Batman stuff in the 2000s.

  • I agree with you 100%


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