An anime I remember bits of, could you help me remember?

So I was watching Youtube some time ago and stumbled upon on a anime video about some teens going to school (somewhat slice of life?), and they were suddenly attacked by aliens. All of a sudden one of the students were able to transform (not Heroman), and I think it was a movie but I have a hard time remembering. I looked it up but couldnt find anything on this thought. Its annoying that I can't find it... I know it is out there somewhere. by the way I believe the youtube title was in japanese.

Mind helping me out, anime fans :) ?


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  • Sounds like a massive amount of crappy ecchi. People go on about video games not being innovative, anime's just as bad if not worse.

    • When I said aliens I did not necesseraly mean tentacles but I see that you already have your mind made up on the subject.

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