Why most girls in their 20s don’t listen to genres like AOR, Glam Metal or Synth-Pop? Any 80shead girls?

80s Jazz or Soul are excluded by the way. I hate Jazz and Soul from any decade.

Well anyway, especially when it comes to AOR, they don’t even know it as a name. The most common answer you get is “What AOR is?”

Most girls in their 20s listen to this Alternative Rock or Pop/Electronic Dance shit from the last few decades. I really dislike the taste most girls (and guys obviously, but I'm not into guys though) nowdays have in music, and I wish there were more girls who share similar taste on music with me.

Any girls who don’t listen to this shit, and have better taste in music? Do you know any?
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  • If there are any, I haven't met them. Most of the girls I've met either like "classic rock", which is not my thing, or modern music, which is also not my thing. If I ever met a girl who liked AOR half as much as me, I think I would be in love.

    • As I said to the other girl here, "Classic Rock" sounds poserish.

      Actually I would be happy if a girl knew what AOR means at least.

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    • Oh man, "alternative" rock...

      I try not to judge people's music tastes, but geez. More like "boring mainstream rock".

      I agree about sharing this music though. I feel so isolated musically, it would be more than my pleasure to introduce some people my age to the wonderful world of 80s AOR.

    • Thanks for most helpful. Always a pleasure to find other 80s fans

  • AOR kinda dried up


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  • I prefer classic rock (60-70s stuff).

    • Sorry but the "Classic Rock" thing smells like a poser. I believe you just know a few songs from 60s-70s here and there, and haven't listened to any full discographies. Hope you prove me wrong.

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    • Oh i loved his 1989 album, The End of the Innocence. That and just the basic best of albums.

    • Thanks for MH, even if i was the only female option lol :)

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  • Cause it's 20-fucking-16

    • So what? Do you find the current music scene decent? Be honest.

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