Is the volume on my video too low to hear (Project GMAG, Never Had A Girlfriend)?

This is my video. It is still under construction. Can you tell me what you think?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Bro, you got some action, applaud yourself, if you can get that it's the harder part, the easy part is finding a girl who wants a relationship. You've already met a girl for sex who clearly liked something you had (Mabye being an EMT women like uniforms) 😉 Who knows, you may have to resuscitate a girl and then she falls in love with you. But seriously, you don't say what other hobbies you have or if you go out with friends but there must be some girls interested. Try more online dating and post that uniform photo in telling you it will help! The series sounds interesting.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Isn't impersonating a member of the armed forces a felony?

    • Where am i impersonating anyone?

      I am actually an emt

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    • @mrsingle

      I picked soldierboyy because i undergo a lot of hardships in life but yet I "fight" to keep myself afloat.

      As for "theemsguy" I am actually an Advanced EMT

    • @THEEMSGUY you're such a liar.

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  • Volumes really really good
    You mentioned some fairly active G@GErs but I haven't seen you around is this your new profile and who were you

    • I have actually been on GAG for 2 years. I used to be referred to as the "virgin hunter" on here. Obviously i dont seek virgins anymore.

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    • @BellePepper

      Fine by me. That is your problem. Now i am going to bed.

    • @THEEMSGUY thanks for letting me know? XD

  • Pretty good dude. I would suggest enhancing your volume which is possible on most video editing platforms.

  • @sunshineguy

    Also, if I made this a series, is it worth watching?

  • What about your other videos dude? Creep alert.

    • That video is a fragment of my video above. I combined it. You would know if you watched the whole damn video.

    • Now hold up for a sec... Best part and for some reason you remind me of the band Rascal flats and then I see a condom and it's quite humorous

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