I have a deep imagination but I'm not sure how to express it? Read the details?

Okay so I'm constantly in my head (introvert) I come up with SO many exciting stories and develop them, turn them around constantly kinda like playing with a pebble. Anyways I don't know what to do with these stories. Every time I try to write them down I get bored and think it's pointless. I wanna be a screenwriter and director but I don't know what to do. It's so bad I can't listen to music (favorite pass time) without imagining a music video for a movie! Any ideas I'm getting bored just writing this
Quickly to elaborate on the pebble thing just hold a rock or some small object and keep fondling it in your hand. You can toss it between both of your hands or something but your holding it and you've learned so much about it you don't wanna throw it away, you wanna share it with everyone but you don't know how! now what do you do with it?


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  • Try to make a career out of it? I mean, if you're really so passionate about it, you should pursue it futher. When you know what you're doing isn't pointless, it won't feel boring anymore.


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  • You could make a deviantart account and post them there. A lot of people write stories and post them on that website.


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