GAGers that play video games, do any of you NEVER or had STOPPED playing Multiplayer games?

For those that do play video games here, PC or consoles, don't really matter, have any of you either NEVER bothered to play multiplayer, such as online multiplayer, such as lacking interest or whatever reason, or had played it before and had lost of pretty bad and unpleasant experiences that you just said aw fuck this shit, and went back to sticking with Single Player mode such as Single Player campaigns?

I stopped playing online multiplayer a long time ago, since early to mid 2000s. I guess I just stopped giving a shit with the way things had changed and turned out with multiplayer in the late 2000s to the present, in particularly online multiplayer games.

But I do really miss those good old days of LAN local multiplayer games, but that is so long ago, don't really have friends locally to hang around and play LAN games with anymore.

Anyone else feel the same? Or lacked interest in multiplayer games or playing online?

Instead I find myself more interested in Single Player campaigns and custom modifications, but that's only because PC games can be modified as you can see from here:
Anyone else here that prefers to play mostly Single Player campaigns in video games or Single Player games in general?
Anyone else prefer Single Player or don't play Multiplayer games?


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  • I've never stopped, I tend to switch between the two. When MP gets a bit frustrating due to servers or other reasons then I'll go to SP for a while to cool off but if I play SP for too long then I might start to get bored

    I play both SP and MP for different reasons. MP I like it for the adrenaline and fast paced action, sometimes nothing beats going up against a human opponent. SP I like for the immersion and story, SP can give you all kind of moments if you get drawn into the story or you can just relax and explore in open world SP games

    I should probably mention that back in my 6thform/college me and the guys used to play wolfenstein:ET on LAN

    Also it does kind of depend on the game for me, on some games I'll only play single player because the multiplayer was. . well. . . rubbish And in other games I tend to stick heavily to MP

    In the end I'd say I'm in between

    • You forgot about Mods? Or new custom community made maps for download? But these day the whole DLC microtransactions business model is killing all of those options slowly. I grew frustrated that we have to pay for new maps and most of the time they are just only for multiplayer or more often than not, ONLY for competitive modes, which I more or less had stopped long ago. Use to like Team Deathmatches and shit, but then I realize people can be real assholes and don't really want to actually be your buddy or a team player despite the mode is specifically for Teams working together and against other Teams at the same time.

      If only it was like back in the day where we get 1 or 2 Expansion packs with around 5 to about a dozen of new Single Player maps and content. I don't think they exist very commonly anymore these days.

    • nope, I didn't forget. Usually the mods I download for single player games. You can get mods and community maps for MP. The DLC issues are all because of corporate commander. Devs no longer care about making good games they're in it for the money
      It's mainly greed and devs restricting use of their tools and servers that caused it

      TBH I never play the competitive modes, DM, TDM etc. forget about it. There is no "team" in team deathmatch, it's just about KD for most people and there's really no reason to work together. The only MP games I play are co-op or objective based in my opinion you'll have a much better experience and there will be a much better community on those kinds of games.

      The MP games I put a lot of time into are/were Killzone 3 (operations mode), GoW 3 (KOTH/Horde) , WH40K Space marine (seize ground/exterminatus) , Verdun (front lines) & Wolfenstien:ET (Campaign)

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  • I'm not a frequent gamer but I absolutely will not do multiplayer.
    My boyfriend is a hardcore gamer and keeps wanting me to but I hate it. The last time I tried was Red Dead Redemption. The second I spawned, I was instantly killed. It killed my desire to ever do it again, and even playing with my boyfriend I hate because he always wins or deliberately is shit to make me feel better.

    • You see what I mean when it comes to multiplayer competitive modes? People abuse shit like Spawn killing, spawn camping, using uber broken and cheap or overpowered equipment, weapons or characters, or even exploit the fuck out of any glitches and exploits they discovered all because they simply just play ONLY for the Win instead of actually having any actual fun or even play nice. Everyone becomes selfish and only cares about how many wins are in their profile's record, achievements or trophies, etc.

      I used to get real frustrated with playing against the computer but after playing against other players like that is even WAY MORE frustrating so I said, OK, I'm good, forget this shit, fuck it, I rather be playing against opponents that don't and won't ever constantly whine, bitch, troll, rage quit, only care about making it to the top of the best players' scores for the game, etc.

    • Yup. I mean in general my boyfriend only does multiplayer which is teams vs a computer. It's just pointless. I hate it, I game to enjoy myself and have fun and there is always some dick just like lol I'm amazing at this when all they are doing is reducing their virtual friends as well as physical ones.

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  • I play online games and like the ones I'm doing but most of the time they become boring due to not having a clear goal. Then collect all the items you need takes a while. Then with league of legends it's due to my internet not being good enough.

    • I could never get into them because I know those kind of MMO game just have really no clear ending or conclusion. So like you said, no real clear goal. You just keep on playing while the developers and creators just keep on adding new stuff and content to the game meaning you can never really collect and unlock everything and be completely done with the game, since there will always be more whenever they update the game. Either that or you'd get bored stop for a break and get back to them later or you'd sell of your account or something if not against their policies and stop playing altogether. I like Single Player campaigns where when I'm done the first time I would go back to unlock unlockable stuff (if there are any) or play on the higher difficulties (if the default one wasn't ridiculously difficult), and then usually when I'm done with unlocking all of the content I move on to playing some other game with a single player campaign.

    • With warframe it does when you have missions and quests. The last main quest they had in warframe was mind blowing and holy shit!

  • I will play multiplayer with friends or relatives, like playing on the same console or a LAN party. And I used to play online games a little. But for the most part I like single player. Some people on multiplayer can be very mean or rude and it takes the fun out of it, because it's just a game, a way to have fun and relax. I also prefer single player because I like it when the game has a story to play.

  • I never play multiplayer games because I'm more into storyline games anyways. I've heard some bad stories from multiplayer games and especially if you're a girl.

    • Not a surprise. There's a lot of immature and rude gamers out there and ruin the fun for others with rude insults, especially if you are new and inexperienced thus making it a very toxic environment, and then you probably might also get sexual harassment from some asshole creep gamer trying to hit on you or they just do it on purpose just to make themselves feel good.

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    • @anonman32

      MMORPG's really have no clear conclusions or endings if I remembered correctly although I heard someone said Warframe did. You just keep playing them and upgrading everything from your characters' abilities and attributes, weapons and equipment, etc. I've yet to decide which MMO game to really play, but if PvP isn't mandatory at all times maybe it's something I might give a try in the future.

    • well i thought guild wars had a nice story.

  • I used to love online games... now I find that I play them maybe half the time.

    The problem for me is that they are all obsessed with stupid unlocks and XP systems. This is all COD4's fault and depending on the developer, it's either a crutch to disguise how boring the game is because you keep playing for new shinies; or the new shinies break the balance and so people who play for longer to unlock better equipment have a tangible advantage. Consider, for example, having to unlock basic and critical functions for the aircraft in Battlefield 3 like the countermeasures. Without these, you'd be toast in seconds, so you'd have to die uselessly for a long time until you manage to scrape together enough XP to unlock them.

    The other thing is that online games are often focused not so much about healthy competition and fun as enabling griefers to spoil your fun. GTA Online, for example, all but encourages 12 year old turds to drive around in Insurgents blowing up everything and everyone they see. DayZ and Rust are all about killing players who are less well equipped than you (often because they just started playing) and preventing them from getting anywhere. Eve, for all its bad reputation, isn't too bad for this as you can avoid trouble very reliably.

    Singleplayer games I find are either sandboxes (what's the point in customizing my character's house or farm or vehicle if NOBODY WILL EVER SEE IT) or a series of boring scripted events and QTEs. That being said, I do love Skyrim, and Stardew Valley, and I had a lot of fun with State of Decay and Freedom Planet.

    There are still LAN style games, man! Unreal Tournament is one. Overwatch sort of is. I've also had a lot of fun with couch co-op in Lego Marvel Superheroes.

    Right now I'm waiting for the Fallout mod community to fix the game up before I start FO4 again. Man, what a disappointment that was.

    • It had been increasingly common now with QTEs and more and more single player games are being prescripted or even overscripted and they aren't always in a good way and do become boring and very linear instead of being more flexible that you can have alternate and multiple pre-scripted outcomes.

      Couch co-op is just like the old days of playing various co-op games at the arcades or on older cartridge-based game consoles.

      I get what you mean with the whole unlocking shit, I never liked it too much myself. Can get really fucking tedious and time consuming and frustrating to unlock things, and shit like achievements and trophies almost never really have any actual effect on the gameplay within the game.

      Sometimes it makes me wonder if any of those much needed unlockable content can be done merely by modifying or hacking the savegame ir saved profile for the game if it became way to frustrating and time consuming to actually even unlock.

      I never got into GTA and COD by the way.

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    • @meatballs21

      Speaking of time consuming unlocks and being able to have access to them for the more busier and more casual gamers who have jobs and social lives and other obligations. I remembered that Mortal Kombat X had a DLC that resolves this called the "Unlock All Krypt Items DLC", but it's stupid because they actually charge you for access to the stuff you normally would need to take a long time to unlock. But if they didn't really care or like the game all that much to begin with then it doesn't really matter to invest in so much of their time to unlock this or to unlock that. I wouldn't bother unless it was really interesting and worth the effort.

      However, for the PC owners of that game they can just download and use MKX Unlocker Mod and basically do the same thing BUT completely for free!

      I wonder if there are any games that have something similar to DLCs that offer to give the player access to all of the stuff that requires unlocking.

    • EA did it for Burnout Paradise and NFS: Hot Pursuit.

  • I stopped playing multiplayer games because people like making entirely too rules and they metagame too much.

    • I heard people get banned for stupid reasons when they get reported and accused of cheating or hacking even when in actuality it could be just lag or that simply they are just the better player (s) beating the inexperienced or not so good but obsessed gamers.

      It happened multiple times on Steam. It's frustrating to get banned just like that when those people that run those servers don't bother to actually confirm and validate if any hacks or cheats or tampering had been actually used in the first place before just issuing a ban to better competitive players. Though it makes me wonder if they ever appeal and have them look into those servers and shit to make sure that no cheats or hacks were actually ever used and they were just better players or because of lag.

      Don't know about consoles, since I never got into console online multiplayer.

      But that's alright, I saved myself a lot more grief and frustrations and bullshit because I more or less had expected bad shit like that to happen

  • I don't play online but it's only because my internet doesn't allow it

    • That's another thing. Sometimes you just can't have really fast internet and little to no lag. If the internet speeds you have aren't really fast, then forget about it for most part. Really laggy online gameplay really sucks as I had experienced that before too.

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    • Oh, I see. Satellite Internet is generally more expensive compared to Cable or DSL, and since you are on a restricted 10gb bandwidth limit, it's probably best to not play games online with it as that reaches the bandwidth very quickly.

      Does using a Satellite internet service affect things such as Port Forwarding requirements for games such as having a NAT that is Open on consoles? If I remembered correctly, you would have to modify settings in the router or modem first before you can actually even connect to someone and be able to play online.

    • I don't think so. I really want different internet bit where I live it's either this or dial up so

  • I prefer multiplayer so I can talk to friends. There are not many single player games I like anymore. I like the banjo kazooie type games but they don't really make those anymore. I'm looking forward to yooka-laylee though since that's going to be like the old games I liked.

  • i prefer multiplayer, its more fun in my opinion
    unless its a game like dantes inferno

  • I have always played Halo since early 2003... started playing online with Halo 2, all the way up to now... but with Reach and Halo 4, they made too many dumb changes to the game and I started losing interest. I didn't play them near as much as the original 3 games... I even stopped playing video games altogether for a little while!

    But once I tried Halo 5, it was like I wanted to play more like old times again... it takes what the original games did and amps it up a few notches... It's pretty awesome!

  • I prefer Single Player and hardly ever play Multiplayer.

  • i like MMORPG's but i dont have a good enough pc to be gaming now.

  • I literally play almost nothing BUT massively multiplayer games.

    • I guess I just could never get into any of them for some reason. Looks like they require lots of time and patience invested. But the other thing is I rather have endings to a game even if it's multiple endings instead of absolutely no real endings where you just keep playing, upgrading your character (s). their abilities, equipment, weapons, etc. I know they also have unlimited missions, quests. Meaning you can never actually fully unlock everything and finish everything up as there will always be new content that will be added when the developers update the game. But I rather play games that have clear endings instead of any games such as MMO games since they are of infinite and endless for having no conclusion unlike a single player campaign, meaning you'd only stop playing them when you feel or decide you are done with them.

      More often than not almost all MMO type of games are MMORPG, though I've seen 3rd person MMO Action RPGs.

    • I play them mainly for the social interaction, as well as the story. Single player games bore me after a while.

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