Are there any people who still prefer to listen to full albums than random songs being put together in a playlist?

Since mp3s started to rise, the concept of listening to a full album started to fade away. But it doesn't mean you cannot listen to a full album in an mp3 format. You can simply put the mp3s of a certain album, in the sequence they were listed on the original LP/CD, or just download the full album.

Yet even though, people prefer to listen to random songs being put together in a playlist. Why is that? I dunno why but personally I don't get it. I always believed there IS a reason why the tracks of an album (especially during the vinyl days) were listed in a certain sequence, and it should be listened to as the sequence is.

Anyway what's your way of listening to music?
  • Full Albums in the original album sequence.
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  • Random Songs being put together in a playlist.
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  • Neither, I like to put songs in themed playlists (not on Spotify something like that, I stil buy the music). For example, my "AOR" playlist contains hundreds of AOR songs that, while not coming from the same album or artist, all flow together really well. While the idea of the album is nice and all, I find that at most I only like about half and usually even less than that. To me it's just not worth buying music I don't want when I could simply buy the individual songs I do.
    At the same time, I don't like "random" playlists because I like my music to be organized in some way.

    • Nice to see you here. I'm the same guy who likes AOR as well. Are there any full albums by AOR artists you like?

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    • Ooh, Jackie Don't Go! I had to go listen to that one again. That's a forgotten classic.

    • Thanks for most helpful. Us AOR fans gotta stick together.

  • I do both. I have over 200 hundred cassettes, over 500 cds and over 500 vinyl aka records.


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  • I'll definitely take a full album when possible, because they usually have a particular "flow" to them. When they're put together right, they have a rising and falling energy that feels almost like a story by the end. I remember Linkin Park's "Living Things" album in particular. The songs alone weren't noteworthy, but when played in sequence, they felt so much better because of how they flowed together.


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  • There's very few albums that I like every song on so for me I like to do playlists so I can listen to the songs that I do like without going through those I don't

    • Plus I don't usually stick to one genre at a time

    • I don't like EVERY song always. Maybe sometimes there are 1-2 I don't among the full album. But I'd rather not skip the one I don't like.

      And by the way, some songs I found boring by the first listen, I started to liked them after a couple of listens more.

    • Yeah I generally listen to songs more than once but there are those few that just rub me the wrong way so to speak

  • I depends. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a particular album. Otherwise I just listen to playlists or radio

  • I much prefer A

  • I usually only care for a few song from each album anyways so...


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