How to buy currency for online game?

So I play this game called Howrse (go on, make fun of it, but it's fun) and one of the types of virtual currency is "passes"

i'd like to purchase some passes, but every time I want to buy some I have to ask my mom so I can use her credit card and PayPal account. I'm kinda tired of asking her, and I'd like to be able to buy it by myself. I can make a PayPal account, but in order to do anything with it I have to "activate" it with a credit card, and I don't have a credit card OR a debit card. I have a way to pay for the passes, but it's not a credit/debit card. Is there some way to activate the PayPal account without a credit/debit card?
Would a prepaid card work?


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  • 1. you can use a back account don't need a credit or debit card
    2. paypal is over 18s (yes you can lie about your age)

    • 1. And if I don't have a bank account?

      2. So who hasn't lied to a website at least once?

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    • I have my ways

    • you could try but to make bank accounts you need to bring id to a bank

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  • Just don't. Buying currencies for online games is a HUGE waste of money.

    • Not really the answer I was looking for

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    • I guess

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