How do you feel about the officially confirmed Playstation 4k/PS4.5/Playstation Neo console coming up?

The upcoming newer PS4 model console seems to be a mixed bag for people. Half of the people are excited because of how upgraded the hardware of the console will be and the other half are pissed that they should have done this at launch of the first PS4 model console. For me, I honestly don't care for the PS4 Neo or the VR as long as the developers focus more on giving us better games. I just hope Sony doesn't pull off the same bullshit on the PS4 consoles as Nintendo already did with the 3DS (with only a few great 3DS games being only compatible with the New 3DS model while it won't work with the older models).

  • I feel like Sony has cheated their current customers (who currently own PS4s) financially with this crap. >:(
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  • I'm very excited for this.
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  • I'm a little on the fence on this one
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