Website where you can sell your written story independently?

So instead of writing your own story and getting it published by a company, is there a website where you can sell it yourself digitally? That way you won't get rejected by publishers and you can just sell it yourself with the website getting a small cut. Don't have to waste money on printing, binding, and shipping. Just type, beta read, fix grammar, then post on the site. From there people can read previews to see if they'll like it and if they do, then they can buy it and download it or whatever. Any website like this?


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  • blurb. com is a good one~ they use a program called booksmart for formatting, and it's really user-friendly (and free).

    the only drawback is you have to purchase a copy in order for your book to stay on the site (and it's been years since i used it, so not even sure that's still a requirement).

    there are other self-publishing sites out there as well, but be wary of vanity anthologies (publications that will publish anything, as long as you pay them) as they are known to prey on unpublished or inexperienced writers.

    if you aren't sure, always check preditors & editors to confirm that a company or agency is legit.

  • I think that Smashwords is probably the closest to what you're looking for, though they don't do any editing for you.


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  • I think there is Amazon Scout where you can put your story to a 'vote' of sorts.. You'd have to look up the details about what kind of cut they ask for, if it passes the vote.

    But, it's kind of a scam, really. Basically, it's looking for independent writers who already have an audience - they're "scouting" for an audience (i. e. customers), not writers.. However, scam or not, it's the only thing I'm aware of..