Is it true when you like someone you start listening to love songs?

Let me explain my situation really quickly.

as a kid i was always shy, lonely
and always hormonal.. mentally.

I was always looking at girls but never said anything,
thats sort of a lie id always hit on my sisters friends but if they werent friends of my sisters then no

I always pictured the perfect girl for me
id say she would have

Big light brown or hazel eyes
be mixed or light skinned.
have curly brown hair

(Creepily this is somewhat my moms description)
my mom has small brown eyes
my moms mixed
my moms hair is naturally brown is reddish but she dyed it black

But anyway that was my dream girl,
no matter how many crushes i had id never change the music i listened to because of them
id always listen to dubstep. that was my favorite genre of music

But when i got in high school, it was like i met the girl of my dreams.. she fits my description perfectly...
Huge pretty brown eyes
dirty blonde curly hair

It was like someone was listening to me saying the kind of girl i wanted it was literally like i wished for her and she came to me.

The only problem was, she has a boyfriend and i liked her soooooo much...
the music i started listening to changed
i swear i used to hate love songs... hated them.. not my phone has 80 percent of love songs on them.

My favorite song though is
J cole - dreams

This song reminds me of her so much
because he found the girl of his dreams, but he can't have her because she's taken,
and he's willing to do anything to make her his.

i think about her each time i listen to this song which is practically all day
so is it true?
  • Yes, you naturally listen to love songs when you like someone
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  • No, not really, thats just your taste in music
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I voted Other. I think maybe some people might be more inclined to listen to love songs or songs that remind them of that person. I haven't done hat, if I really like someone that doesn't change what I listen to.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I always listen to love songs, whether I like someone at the time or not. Over 90% of my music is love songs. Love is beautiful ❤️


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  • eh I'm usually listening to stuff like that lol, then i sing them to my fridge.

  • Not true. But good song.
    I think you more like writing sings when you fall in love.

  • Nah, I like those types of songs normally.

  • Omg gooood song.

    • yessss it is...

    • Show All
    • Nobodies perfect is dope lol
      He's a good artist

    • yes
      very inspirational

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