Help? What's my vocal range?

I'm an aspiring singer and I want to sing songs that fit my vocal type.
My range is anywhere from G3 to A6. Please help!!!
  • Soprano (Ariana Grande) ~ Highest Vocal Type!
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  • Mezzo Soprano ( Camilla Cabello)~ Can Do Both Alto and Soprano
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  • Alto ( Selena Gomez, Halsey) ~ Lower Vocal Range, Not Super Low, But Can't Hit High Notes
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  • Contralto (Adele, Demi Lovato) ~ Lowest Voice Type!
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  • I wouldn't advise relying on this site or your poll, since most people on here don't sing and only have a vague idea of what voice type means.

    Your range alone isn't a good indicator of voice type; there are a myriad of other factors as well, but since we're not taking this to the anally specific level that an operatic singer would, let's focus on tone and tessitura. Your tessitura is essentially the most comfortable part of your range and is relatively strong. This will vary between voice types - i. e., a bass might have a tessitura of E2-E4, a baritone might have a tessitura of A3-A4, and a tenor might have a tessitura of C4-C5. Even within voice types you'll find significant differences, but it should still be clear which of the female types you fit into. For example, my lowest note is F2, and my highest is around F5 (though I've hit belts as high as G#5), and I can go to Bb5 in falsetto. By looking at range alone, I could be either a baritone or tenor, but my tessitura falls within the standard C4-C5 for a tenor, which is my voice type.

    The other metric here is tone. There will be a noticeable difference in tone between voice types; for example, a high baritone and low tenor may have roughly the same range and sound similar, but the tenor will still have a lighter, more boyish tone, while the baritone's is heavier and huskier. The same applies to female voice types.

    While I would guess you're a mezzo based on your range alone, I would not be able to accurately assess your voice type without hearing it. Not to mention that you're only fourteen and your voice is still going through the usual adolescent changes, and can continue to change well into your thirties. I'd just recommend seeing a vocal coach if you aren't already and having them tell you, instead of randoms on the internet such as myself.


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  • Hire a music teacher to give you a better bearing of your potential


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  • Do you wanna be a singer?

    • Very much so, since the age of two.

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    • Oh wow, awesome!! :D. Glad to hear there are other musicians on here too!

  • I think Alto suits you.

    • I don't know, I tried researching it. My voice goes much deeper than the soprano but higher than a average soprano. It's kind of odd.
      I have the low range of an alto but high range of a soprano.
      I can't find any singer with a similar range to mine :( .

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    • Good point.
      You'll find your way soon.
      I hope success for you in your tough journey ahead.

    • Thanks so much!!! :) I appreciate it!!! :D

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