Have you ever wanted to create your own video game?

I got 3 ideas myself that I think are pretty good.

the first is a rpg/action adventure/ puzzle game. It would be a mixture of old school zelda, dark souls, shadow of the colossus, and dragons dogma.

the second would be a game I call "Town nightmare" that's a horror game with a stylized world. Takes place in a small town with a bunch of killing clowns hunting people down. 3rd person survival horror.

last is a romance story where you choose what happens with many different outcomes. Mostly story based. one option for girls and one for guys.

You ever had any video game ideas?


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  • A open world game were you create your character (rpg) that takes place in the future 2028 here in the U. S. The story would be that the economy collapsed worldwide and many factions are trying to control the U. S. The player would be given the choice to join a faction or create their own faction to restore order in the U. S. The gameplay would have Fallout, Elder scrolls, saints row and Wolfenstein the new order elements. The genre would be RPG, first/third person shooter, sci fi and horror. If I had the license to make Call of Duty, I would make a alternate history COD where the axis won WWII, takes place today and the protagonist has to overthrow the evil regime. I know Wolfenstein made a similar story which was well made in my opinion but I think that theme should be used more often.

    • Kinda sounds like fallout 4 but on a bigger scale. Is it a full on action game or would you put stealth elements?

    • Yes some stealth, but mostly action.

  • Yeah. GTA + Nazi zombies + (this other game nobody knows which has over 500 weapons and a mode where a few people start as zombies and infect everyone else each round).

    I wrote up a huge detailed thing about it, but basically it'd be an open-world (for the most part) map of the United States, and would be a real-time development of the zombie apocalypse.

    • Sounds pretty interesting. Is it a plot focused story or a character focused one?

  • I had an idea for a first person shooter called Orlando, but that won't work anymore.


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