Which Taylor Swift music do you like the best?

Which Taylor Swift music do you like the best?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE her curly hair!!! She is so HOT HOT HOT!!!
Beautiful Eyes! That's one of her early albums before Fearless was released!

Here is the cover!

Answer why you like one particular type of her music or all of them!

If you don't like Taylor Swift, explain why you don't like her.

  • Beginning-Taylor Swift
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  • Early-Fearless
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  • Middle-Speak Now
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  • Late-Red
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  • Modern-1989
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  • All of them
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  • I can't stand Taylor Swift
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  • Personally I do not like her because in my opinion she is a poor role model of relationships. Young girls (and boys) see Taylor Swift's life style of "get a partner, break up a month later" and that becomes normal, or even "cool" for them. I was never a fan of either of her music styles (country and modern pop) but I have to admit I did use to kind of like some of her earlier songs a long time ago, because they were soothing in a way. But that was before she changed her music style and I found out about her relationship problems.

  • Not a fucking thing

  • I like Two is better than one

  • Try none. She is part of the problem.

  • FUCK TAYLOR SWIFT. She is dating some old 35 year old guy right now.