Another music question - can you suggest some music for me?

I usually like alternative rock, old rock, old music, and easy listening music. I'd be open to any suggestions that you strongly recommend. Thanks in advance :)
Bands/Artists I already like are; Jack Johnson, Sigur Ros, and Radiohead.


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  • You didn't mention bands/artists so I'll give my best shot lol

    I strongly recommend (that I listen to):

    Skillet (I recommend listening to Hero or No Gonna Die first)
    Disturbed (listen to Stricken or The Vengeful One)
    Breaking Benjamin (The Diary Of Jane or Dance With The Devil)

    There are more but here are some bands I suggest:

    Linkin Park
    Green Day

    I got more you can message me if u want more 👍

    • Someone else has recommended skillet before so they must be good. Thanks for putting the songs that I should try too! I'll try them and message you. Thanks :)

    • No problem

  • Don't really know much about alternative rock, but here are some songs from a massively underrated genre of the 80s that I love. This is AOR.

    Some straightforward "rock" songs:

    separate Ways - Journey
    Sunglasses at Night - Corey Hart
    Jackie Don't Go - Survivor
    So Far Away - Streets
    Let Me In - Le Roux
    Stone In Love - Journey

    Some softer, more ballad-type songs:

    First to Kinow - Rosemary Butler
    Spend my life with you - Charlie
    Ever Since the World Began - Tommy Shaw
    Open Arms - Journey
    Anywhere You Go - David Pack
    Fly Together - Frank Stallone

    • Thanks I know some if the bands like Journey but I'll definitely have to try these, it seems like the sort of music I like. Thanks a lot!

    • You're very welcome. Hope you enjoy!

  • The new red hot chili peopers album
    Sooo good
    Encore is my personal favorite on the album

  • Dream theater-stream of consciousness
    Savatage- when crowds are gone

  • Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala, Lana Del Rey

    • I've heard Arctic Monkeys music and that's pretty good. I've heard of Lana Del Rey but not sure if I've heard her music before. And I'll have to check out Tame Impala. Thanks for the suggestions!

    • No problem, enjoy!

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