Isn’t it fascistic, that beach bars play ONLY this modern Electronic/Pop trash?

I don’t even know how those shitty genres are called officially, but they sound all the same to me, so it doesn’t matter. This kind of music destroys my mood.

OK I understand most of today’s youth like this trash, but playing 100% this shit is really annoying to those who don’t and most of all, it’s fascistic.

“I force YOU, MY music.”, is an ultra- fascistic job policy, and I don’t accept it.

Just spice it up to satisfy everyone. Play this shit like 20%, then the rest 80% should be other music. AND FROM ALL DECADES, as well. Not only 10s or 00s.

I really "miss" those days where beach bars used to play good music. Both good Rock/Dance-related tracks. Those were the days. Now they play only this Electronic Dance Pop TRASH. Fuck them.
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  • Depends on the beach bars you're going to. If your going to ones primarily dominated by youth then thats what you get.
    I prefer the hangouts that cater to an older crowd. Its more laid back and the music choice is far better.

    • Thanks for MH :)

Most Helpful Guys

  • fascistic? NO. Musics genres like black metal can be tied to that. German military music too, of course.
    Stupid? YES.

  • Lighten up boy!


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  • Businesses play the kind of music that most of their customers will enjoy. Quiet sit-down restaurants often play oldies, guitar shops play classic rock, department stores play soccer mom-approved commercial pop, etc.

    I don't like that stuff either, but most public places are going to have music I don't enjoy. Just a fact of life.

  • Then don't go. And of you do go, don't forget to bring your tampon heavy flow 😂😂😂


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