2014 spurs vs 2016 warriors?

Seeing how the dubs didn't get to accomplish their main goal for the season, do you guys think they would have lost to the motivated San Antonio Spurs of 2014? I'm of the belief the Spurs motivation would have Gaven them the boost they would need to top the Dubs in a seven game series, but that's just my opinion. What say you?

  • 2014 Spurs in 6 or 7 They were on a mission, no team was gonna beat them.
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  • Dubs in 6 or 7 Steph is too damn good.
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  • That 2014 Spurs team was on a mission after we beat them in the Finals the year before and that ass whooping they gave us proved they weren't playing around. They definitely would've beat the Warriors with the way Curry played this series.

    Question, why are you comparing the two teams? I'm trying to figure some link between the two lol

    • Well to answer your question

      1. The teams played a similar motion offense

      2. Both where 3 point shooting teams, tho Curry give the dubs an edge in that department

      3. Steve Kerr took some of what he saw from that spurs team, things that he learned from both Pop and Phil and thought it to the dubs. And...

      4. I've seen people comparing these teams on other sites before so I kinda just wanted to know what you guys thought.

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    • Watching the warriors and spurs play is a basketball fan's wet dream, real talk. The warriors add player movement and play outside-in vs the spurs who're masters of inside-out. But hey, warriors/thunder was fucking epic, so I don't feel gyped of that showdown. Leonard was a systems player when he came in. He didn't have the shooting or the perimeter defense when he came in. But now, he's definitely not a system player

      Yeah, bogut has like 5 blocks in a half in game 4. After he went out, there was no one who could stop Tristan Thompson on the lobs. He's not a stat stiffer so it don't look like he does much, but his high pnr and paging is what gets curry going when they aren't going small. That's why green is so effective, too. The way the finals were officiated combined with how much verajao flops was a bad recipe. If they weren't calling fouls on legit hits, there was no way of him getting calls

    • The spurs where 3 point shooting team that year. They led the league in 3 pointer.

      And yeah man I haven't seen an NBA or sports related topic here

  • It could go either way, but I think the Warriors would win it in 7. They're far too young and athletic for the Spurs to keep up. Green and Leonard would neutralize each other and Tony Parker would have a hard time keeping up with Steph.

    • True, true. Tho Danny Green and Leonard could take turns guarding Steph and Clay.

      I'd say Diaw and Drymond are the wild cards. I'd say Spurs in 7

      The way they shared the ball in the finals that year was just other worldly. They passed the ball at a level that, in my opinio anyway, not even this years Warriors team came clise to reaching in this years finals or last. not to mention that team was on a mission and to send a message. Just my opinion tho

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    • Unfortunately, he's been doing a shitty job :( The only good move he's made so far is drafting Porzingis. We'll wait and see what happens on July 1st, but I don't expect any big name FA to come to NY. There's talk about a trade for Derrick Rose, but his best days are behind him :(

    • Yea.. after those knee injuries, he was never the same. Tho he did show some signs of a come back at certain points last year.

      I think Phil should coach the Knicks instead.

  • If the warriors were at full strength, they'd win. This year's spurs are slightly more athletic than those spurs and maybe deeper. I was probably the only person who said that bogut was a key injury for them. Ezeli and verajao aren't great at passing and screening like bogut is and they didn't score well, which is the reason you go to them instead of bogut and they sure as hell don't play great defense and were soft as cottonelle tissue game 7. They also lost the series on game 5, but that's another issue


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