What interests would you prefer a guy to have? Music, movies, games, TV, sports, etc?

What type of music would you prefer they like? Pop, rock, dance, rap, etc
Movies? Comedy, action, romance, sci fi, etc
Games? Fps, rpg, fighting, sport, etc
TV? Drama, documentary, reality, soap, etc
Sports? Soccer, basketball, cricket, hockey, etc

How about hobbies? Playing an instrument, art, other?


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  • i dont care that much tbh, but I would prefer if he's not into video games
    for hobbies, i have a thing for musicians lol but again, it doesn't really matter.

  • I don't know if you meant for this to apply inversely to guys, or just have guys describe an ideal male friend, but I'll just put what I like to see in either gender.

    Music: Classical and Metal (thrash, death, black, prog, and more, but mostly thrash)

    Video games: Fighting games, preferably non-Western ones

    TV: Don't watch it

    Sports: Don't play them

    Hobbies: Playing an instrument, if they've actually had classical training and didn't just do some half-assed internet searching and play horribly. I did not spend years practicing classical guitar and voice to play alongside goobers with deplorable technique.

    As you can see by my list, I should probably resign myself to living the rest of my life alone.

  • I don't like dudes, bruh


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