Do you like the japanese song?

Between sky and you, I think that is for heartbreaking people in the present society.
The one how to believe love exist and what form is it? The present society is not so directly to know
what is injured and feel lonely in the society but what is about your desire? To be loved, get in touch with people... etc.
So the song is base on fighting rhythm but I dont know why I want to dance maybe a fighting dance.
It is karaoke version, I am hardly to find the original MTV


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  • It's a very old kind of song... As in an old way of singing. It's interesting, but I can't say I like it particularly... Seems like you have to have a vibrato, but no special singing skill, so it just seems a bit pointless to me.


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  • I never see it before , i wish i can read hiragana so i understand the lyric lol
    As japanese band , i really love larc en ciel and casiopea

    • My thought about it that mix with the japanese drama. It use the theme on it.

  • I like this song. I like Japanese song and old song. That's make me feel nostalgic


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