What Kind of Women Attend Wine Festivals?

So I got a side job this weekend at the local wine festival. I'm in charge of asking for ID and giving out bracelets as a cashier of sorts. I was hoping that it would be a good opportunity to meet women. I do not have to worry about getting in trouble either since my father is the big boss of the shopping center where it is being held.

Do older women attend these events? I cannot imagine anyone under 30 going. My dream would be for a bunch of beautiful 30 year old women to start flirting with me after a few glasses of wine 😍 I have a thing for Cougars 😏


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  • Usually women who are there with a group of friends for girls night, who don't want to be bothered by men. Just leave them alone, they are there to drink wine, and gossip, talk about their families, and jobs, not be hit on.


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  • Women of all ages love wine related events, but they're there to fish for guys with means and taste, so being the help you probably won't get much attention.


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