What do you think will happen in Game of Thrones?

Where do you see each of the characters ending up, both in this season and in the end of the show, given it is winding up? Who do you see sitting on the iron throne? theories? go!

Personally, I think what will happen is Jamie will betray his family to give support to the North because he believes what they say about the white walkers. I think Tommen is being brainwashed by the sparrows and not faking it like Margaery. Loras is probably going to die. And Daenerys will hold the iron throne with support from the North-Jon, Sansa, the wildlings, the houses loyal to Starks, the Ironborn will come and Theon will make right with the Starks, the knights of the vale, and the remaining Tully's etc. And somehow Arya will make it back to them, too.


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  • I don't even know who will actually be against Daenerys at this point. After Bastard Brawl 2016, and Daenerys taking back Meereen, the only antagonist house/group that's still surviving are the Lannisters, but they are pretty much against the High Sparrow too.
    So I guess the only possibility is literally EVERYONE in Westoros plus Daenerys and her allies, all against the High Sparrow and his followers.
    Or the White Walkers come first..

  • A thermonuclear device will go off ending the series and we'll hear none of it.

  • Nah if jamie turns on the crown it will be because they kill cersie
    I think that danny is going to come to westaros (this season will end with her army on the ironborn fleet with her flying above it) and i think she will dismantle kingslanding
    I think she will kill john snow
    Then i think jamie will kill her
    Bran will take control of her dragons and burn jamie alive and bran will be the last man standing
    Its going to end with jamie and bran just like it began woth jamie and bran
    And of course they will foght the white walkeds and everyone else will die off one way or another in the process
    Oh also idt tyrion will die but i think he will get his tongue cut out sk he will pretty much be useless and miserable

    And mark my words joffs head is in the mountains body right now lol

    • No, Jon and Daenerys will team up.

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    • Are you talking about the books or something? Cause they've already began to deviate the show from the books.
      And I think if the god damn Ironborn, Theon and Yara, were willing to join with Daenerys' cause, then the Starks would too.

    • @DarkHumorRUs john is definitely dannys nephew thats basically confirmed at this point in both the book and show
      And yes i believe trion is dannys half brother
      And the iron born hate the starks and im pretty sure the starks will be pretty sour to the greyjoys after they sacked winterfel

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