Question about those online PSN and Xbox live stores?

So I'm looking through games for sale on the PSN and I see all these old games which are being sold for actual money.

I'm talking old games like sonic the hedgehog, streets of rage, golden axe etc
Like old Sega games.

Now the thing is that you can so easily just emulate these old games and many more on your computer for free..

So why would anyone pay money for them?
Only an idiot would.


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  • I honestly don't get it either. Some people are wary of emulators, or the sketchy sites where you have to find ROMs, or feel like it's stealing...

    I don't see why I should have to pay multiple times for a game I already own. Like, I own a Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis cart (and a Genesis), why would I pay more than that cart currently costs on eBay to be able to play it on my Xbox?

    Likewise, I have a big pile of Game Boy games that I would have to buy again in order to play them on my 3DS.

    The best part of 'official emulation' is licencing. Everyone knows the 1989 version of Tetris that Nintendo published, right? The music is famous in itself. Nintendo currently cannot sell that game on the eShop, because Ubisoft now holds the licence for Tetris. This means the awesome 1989 version, with Game A and Game B, which cost $3.99, is no longer available unless you'd already purchased it from the eShop in the past. The only Tetris game on the eShop is Ubisoft's one which is $30.

    This is one of many Genesis packs available on Steam:

    Half the games in the pack are terrible, and they're all first-party because that is all they have the rights to distribute.


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  • You say this like they cost an arm and a leg lol those games are very inexpensive. Personally, I think it's awesome that they're available on current platforms and would gladly pay if I really wanted them. You also gotta consider the new generation of gamers who obviously don't own old systems. Of course they'd be buying those games. Also, not everyone knows about emulating games on computers. Just because people don't share your views or think like you doesn't make them idiots.


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  • i paid a $1.99 to download Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. I can play it on my 55inch tv, with my playstation controller rather than in front of my 19inch laptop screen... oh and grand theft auto is available on emulator

    so why
    -- cheap old games
    -- ability to play them on your big screen
    -- full access to the games rather than only limited access with limited or no saving game progress options
    -- LOTS of games on the Xbox and PS networks are not available on emulators

    • You have an HD cable right? Then you can play emulator games on the big screen.
      Computers these days even recognize PlayStation controllers.

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    • in all honesty i didn't know there were ps1 and ps2 emulators but i haven't really looked. i am in the market for a new laptop... not for gaming but because mine is on it's last legs. so i'll definitely consider emulators. i'm always up for saving money

    • Pretty much any of the new ones should be able to handle ps2 games.
      But ps3 no. You need a proper gaming set up for that.
      But just remember ps1/ps2 emulators don't use rom files for the games like your snes or genesis or n64 ones. They use iso's which can be very large files. So be careful if you don't have an unlimited download deal.
      It's because the games were originally a CD and not a cartridge.

  • the hassle one has to go through to emulate these games isn't worth it when considering how cheaply the games sell for. Besides, if you really like the game, its always better to buy it to support the people who made it

    • It's so easy though, it's not a hassle.
      If you didn't own a computer it would be understandable to pay if you really wanted to play these old games.

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