Not feeling content on my trip to New York? What else can I do here in 10 days?

I came to New York around 18 days ago with very high expectations. My plan was to go on a solo trip for a month and come back as a much better person. I've been feeling homesick almost throughout the trip and I somehow feel that I am not enjoying enough. I've seen the National Museum of Natural History, Metropolitan museum, Statue of Liberty (Twice), Central Park (Over 5 times now), the Charging Bull, the Empire State Building (from outside haha), the Highline, 5th Avenue, roamed around in Manhattan, Long Island, Queens, Jackson Heights. I even went to Luna Park and the beach at Coney Island yesterday, that was fun but again, it felt 7/10 even though that's the sort of a place where people should having 10000/10 fun. Again, I don't feel content since I'm already blowing away so much money by being here and I don't feel like I'm getting the worth out of it. (Imp) I'm good looking but I'm facing bad luck with girls on online dating, so I'm a bit sceptical about approaching girls IRL, plus the communication gap because of English being my second language is a bit annoying and really holds me back from approaching girls because communicating with them would be a mess. What can I do to meet girls? Because I really want to, it's practically my last week lol. What are your suggestions? What can I do to make the most out of my trip? I still have ten days. Thank you in advance!

I'm living in lower Manhattan
No accommodation costs since I'm living at my Uncles'.


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  • Man, 18 days is too long! NY is not that fun of a place to just visit for 18 days. You have 10 days left, and that'll be 28 days which is just a nightmare lmao.
    Honestly, I suggest just relaxing, don't focus on visiting placing, and seeing things if they just bore you or you're not as interested as you want to be. Pretend you're living there - the average person isn't going to visit the best places every day, they're going to do normal things. Take long baths, read outside, people watch, try your hand at writing (lots of screenwriters in NY).

    Honestly I get very homesick as well within a day from being away from home so I definitely get it.

    • Haha, I'm glad someone understands exactly how I feel.
      I miss home. But it's okay, I guess I'll manage, I found one of my old friends here. Will be hanging out with him mostly.

    • That's good! You'll probably breathe a sigh of relief when you get home, in your own bed. I know I do.

    • Thank you for MHG :)

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  • Maybe leave New York City and go someplace cheaper and better (NYC is extremely expensive). If you really want to see NYC I can't help you. But if it's the US you want to see you need to leave NYC. The best way to do it is to get a car and start driving. With only ten days you can't get too far. Maybe drive north up the coast. You should be able to make it to Maine and back in that time and still have time to see some things. You could also head south, maybe to DC, or just along the coast. Or head inland to start seeing the "heart" of the US.

    • I'm living at my Uncles' (probably should've mentioned that in the question) so no accommodation costs.
      The general expense is quite high, for sure.

    • OK. Well that saves you a ton of money. :)

      I don't have any desire to go to NYC. But if I did I would probably see the same type of things you've seen. I've been there three times, but they were all short visits and I saw very little.

      If I went for a longer time I think I'd want to check out the delis and other local food, especially the ethnic food. I tend to stay away from tourist stuff when I travel and try to get a feel of the normal every day stuff. I might also check some local music - not large venues, but small local places.

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  • New York is overrated as fuck bruh. Also, how do you get homesick in 1 week? 🤔 And no shit you're blowing your money. It's expensive as fuck. I could tell you 15 other American cities that are way better and way cheaper. And Manhattan is the most expensive borough, so you're blowing your shit doubly hard. You obviously didn't plan this trip out, did you?

    • Haha don't worry bro, I've added as an update that I'm living at my Uncles'.
      And it's hilarious that I got homesick so early (I've been here for three weeks though not one), it's probably because the environment, culture and practically everything is so different. I live in India, you'd understand how different it is back there from the states.

    • It's overrated. I love right outside the city. It's not worth being there. And 3 weeks is still kinda short to be homesick, but to each their own, I guess.

  • If I were you, I would get out of that city and travel a few hours north to the beautiful Adirondack Mountains, or a couple hours south to the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Anywhere where it is wilderness and nature, you will probably enjoy much more than a city with all those darned people all around you all the time.

  • NYC is a beautiful place, but its not where youd want to travel alone. What is your first language? Youve been eveywhere I always go, great places!

    I live downtown myself, not a lot of good looking people to meet here either you know. And meeting NYC girls is out because theyre all high maintenance. Go to central park, go to TriBeCa and see where 9/11 occurred. Its a lot of exploring but you need someone with you.

    • That's great. Those really are amazing places. Loved being there.
      I know! I shouldn't have gone solo, that too for a month. I messed up lol.
      But it's fine, I'll manage.
      I forgot to mention, already been to the 9/11 memorial, that too was a great place to visit.

    • And oh yes! I'm from India and my first language is Hindi.
      So yeah! Occasionally I have issues understanding the American accent and responding quickly but I'm not that used to it as a native would be.
      But hell, I'm getting used to it. Just a little more time I guess. :)

    • Oh Indian, very nice! Its very beautiful here, I hope you'll enjoy the memories :-)

  • I think your expectations were just too high. New York is great, but I don't think it has the ability to change a person in a month.

    So just enjoy your trip. Don't overthink it. Just do what you want to do. :)

  • I'm from Long Island , New York and Manhattan is a great place to meet women but it's harder when it's just and not with at least one friend, but did you go in the Empire State Building? it's really nice up top and you could meet some up there, also before you go back home you should try to visit the Montauk lighthouse at the end of Long Island if you can

  • Are you still here? I'll chill with you lol I live on Avenue A. Honestly I don't think the touristy stuff is that fun. It's better to just go find peculiar shops, ride a bike around Brooklyn, go to beer spots, etc.


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