I Need Suggestions for a Comic I Am Writing? - Funny Pranks?


I'm currently writing a comic book for a cartoon artist. I will be writing the script, and she will be illustrating the pages. The comic is about a female baseball player who joins an all-male team. The team is on a losing streak, and can't win any games. They discover the water girl, our female protagonist, is actually a very talented baseball player. So they let her play.

The guys on the team properly welcome her by playing funny pranks on her. The jokes can range from cutesy and playful, to devious and naughty.

What are some funny pranks they can play on her?

I Need Suggestions for a Comic I Am Writing? - Funny Pranks?


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  • Question: is that her dog in the first panel?

  • The classic jock strap and cup in her gym bag
    Lol thats not really a classic

    • Hi, Sleeping Snorlax! Cute avatar you have.

      Jock strap and cup in her gym bag? You mean like, they leave their athletic gear in her gym bag? I suppose the reaction could be funny. Thanks for the suggestion!

      Have anymore ideas?

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    • Oh my gosh, are you serious? So the boy gets his jockstrap heated. Ouch! lol Is that actually a common trick guys do to each other?

      What if she put pink dye in their cups?

    • Nah just in movies its more common to put it on your leg and have your sack rub againts it or to have someone dare you to do it 😂
      Lol or dyed their whole uniform pink
      Or she could steal all their undos before a game and replace them with thongs or something and you can show how awkward and uncomfy the guys are during the game because of it lol

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