How is my voice and my singing?

Here are the links to some collabs we did on Smule Sing app:

https://www. smule. com/p/33541501_213116119

https://www. smule. com/p/108106078_193041709

My co-singer in the second song used an alienish effect so I kind of sound like an alien. :/

Maybe you can make an account on Smule and I'll sing with you? :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Interesting. The second half of "Love"? sounds a lot better, the girl's losing pitch constantly during the first half. The legato jumps (loo-oo-oove) always sound a little out of rhythm, though it's not a big issue.

    I don't like when they both sing simultaneously, the voices don't match and together it sounds weird and he doesn't seem to try and adjust his voice.

    I don't like the second song, I'm afraid. The post-processing is hideous, sorry :<

    • I agree haha. I actually don't know why I can't do the yodelly love. Maybe because I can't reach high notes. Thank you so much for listening and giving honest opinions! :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • That was soo good 😊
    You're right; the alien-ish sound got a bit off in the second song, but it was still good.
    Good job

    • Thank you so much sa pakikinig! Haha. :)

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  • I listened to multiples songs on your account. Some were alright but I feel like you could work more on controlling your pitch. You have a nice sound.

    • Thank you. Yeap i'm struggling with pitch :( plus I'm using just the mic of my android's earphones and sometimes it won't record if I don't shout. Sometimes it's super loud. Haha. Thank you soooo much!

    • No problem. Good luck!

  • I am disenchanted and no longer like you.

    • Aw that's a shame. I expected it anyway. :)

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