If you were me, would you have regretted trading in Halo 5 to a retro game store for $20?

I'm just wondering since I was honestly disappointed in Halo 5 Guardians Campaign and traded it in at my retro gaming store (They've already had a copy of Halo 5, selling it for $24). I've been playing Halo since Combat Evolved (the first game on the original Xbox) and the only thing I liked about Halo 5 was Warzone, Arena Multiplayer and free DLC map updates. The Campaign sucked with it's Cliffhanger ending, along with the fact that you only get to play as the Master Chief in 3 mission while the rest of the Campaign as Locke, who's a very bland with very little character development throughout the storyline of this game. Don't get me wrong, I understand that they're trying to make this game not only follow the Halo games but the Halo books as well but they way they excuted the stories following the book was done poorly. The amount of offline content (outside of online multiplayer) in this game is also very barebones. Honestly, I think 343 Industries intentionally made that cliffhanger ending just to use that as an excuse for them and Microsoft to milk the Halo franchise til it's dry.

Overall, I think Halo 5 is probably the most overrated exclusive game for the Xbox One. I've tried really hard to love this game but I just couldn't and would rather just stick to Master Chief Collection (even with it's broken multiplayer) and Reach (through backwards compatibility). I'll just pretend that either Halo 4 and 5 never existed or their campaign storylines are non-canon.

[SPOILER ALERT]: Here's Halo 5's crappy ending (with no closure), even worse than Halo 2's cliffhanger ending -

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  • Another passionate, long-term Halo fan here lol... All of the Halo's had cliffhanger endings... it didn't make them bad games.

    Based off of what I've seen with Halo 5, a lot of people were upset because they expected Halo 5 to go one way with the story, when it went another... Again, that doesn't make it a bad game. Personally I've been disappointed on some level with EVERY Halo game after the original, for similar reasons... they seem to keep on drifting away from the original Halo "feel," in different ways if that makes sense. But if this is the story they want to tell, so be it...

    Halo 5 is a GREAT game, especially from a gameplay stand-point. The lack of multiplayer content at launch was frustrating, but now there's quite a bit, and with even more coming I believe. Also, in terms of the multiplayer, this is probably one of my favorite Halo games ever, or at least in about 10 years. It just feels so smooth to play and the hit-detection is amazing... It's not perfect but the game receives a lot of unjustified criticisms, in my opinion.

    • Totally agree. Nothing more to say.

    • Gameplay and Multiplayer wise, Halo 5 was pretty good but it's campaign was a turn off for me. I'm all for changes being made in any legendary video game franchise and for it to keep continuing on if they were all done right. Sure, Halo 2 had a cliffhanger ending as well but originally, Bungie was gonna put in another ending for Halo 2 to make the campaign story to be better than it actually was. With 343 Industries. it didn't seem like they really tried hard enough to make the ending better.

      On the bright side, at least 343 had the courtesy to not give us any overpriced DLCs and made them all free for Halo 5, unlike some game and company (*cough cough* Star Wars Battlefront and EA Games).

      If 343 is still gonna continue the main Halo storyline with the Master Chief and Cortana, they better wrap up the story and end it at Halo 6 while moving on to a much newer and more original story for the Halo Universe. I don't want this great game franchise to be milked to death.

    • I think I would actually maybe be OK with that... as much as I love Chief and Cortana lol. Locke is a pretty cool character too. His suit is badass af... Haha!

      I still wish Halo had gone the original route of Halo 2, if you remember the inital announcement trailer and E3 New Mombasa campaign demo... that all felt like a direct Halo: CE sequel based off of the look of the game. What we ended up getting in the final game somehow felt like a dumbed down, "cheaper" version of Halo, and that trend has continued on some level with each new game. Now Halo feels less "space miliary" and more "Power Rangers in space" which is pretty lame...

      I really wish they would just start the series over from Halo: CE at times, and take what made that game such a classic, and move the series forward based off of those ideals, in story-telling, level-design, and just general tone and atmosphere. There was a real sense of grit and believability in CE, even as an epic, sci-fi game...

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  • Yea i love halo5 by far the best xbox one game so far in my opinion but its all personal opinion


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