How would you feel about Nintendo making their first and only M-Rated Zelda game having Fierce Deity Link (from Majora's Mask)?

as the protagonist for the entire game?

Now, this fantasy M-rated Zelda game doesn't necessarily have to have blood & gore like God of War to get the M rating but at least the brutal nature of it's violence that's deemed too much even for teen players, kinda like Rocksteady's Batman Arkham Knight (the first and only M-rated Batman game yet has no gore in it, just a little more blood and brutal violence). As a die hard Zelda fan myself, I still think all the Zelda games are great the way they are but I also think it wouldn't hurt Nintendo to at least try to make one M-rated Zelda game to see how it would do and how much of a surprise it would be considering Nintendo's "family/kid-friendly" image they've always been trying to keep for decades. Besides, Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask got away with a lot of subtly disturbing things in their game content and story that people and the ESRB rating system hardly ever noticed to look at it as an "E-rated/E10-rated" game.

What do you guys thinks?

How would you feel about Nintendo making their first and only M-Rated Zelda game having Fierce Deity Link (from Majora's Mask)?

  • I think that would be an awesome idea and it wouldn't hurt Nintendo to try that out with Zelda only once.
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  • I think the idea would be good but not all that special
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  • Meh.
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  • I think Nintendo should never resort to making any of their IP games rated M for the sake of appealing to a wider audience.
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  • I think this would still hurt Nintendo's image, even if it's only strictly for one IP game.
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  • I'm not into video games, but don't a lot of kids play Zelda? It would be a bad business decision for Nintendo to make a game like that mature. Even if some parents buy it anyway, the majority wouldn't. So, personally, I don't care, but it would likely hurt Nintendo.

    • Even though most Zelda games are rated between E and T, I honestly don't know many kids who even play these type of kids since most children these days prefer playing games M-rated games like Call of Duty and GTA so it almost doesn't really matter much anyway.

    • Yeah. That's true. But I still see a lot of negative press about Nintendo releasing a game like that.

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