Should I maybe so some vlogging videos for funzies?

was maybe thinking of doing some vloging based videos for a bit of fun, nothting too serous just talking about some points of intrest such as local sights, local things to do intresting things maybe some small snippets of history about certian places.

figured might be a bit of fun to do as a small hobby i wouldn't expect much from it like views wise but figured would be fun all the same, any ideas?
*make some vidoes sorry bad typo


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  • Gotta be better than commenting on COD and shouting into the webcam. That shit is so boring.

    • yeah not really my thing i would rather be moving around if i can haha :)

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    • @Josht13 fair enough it would be a bit shorter like i wouldn't plan a 20 min vidoe more smaller snippets of things that are a bit more informative that telling people oh i had a taco for lunch today :)

    • The for the mho :)

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