What was your favorite moment in game of thrones season finale?

Those who watched game of thrones episode 10 of season 6 know that a lot of things happened and it was one of the best episodes ever of the show.
Since i'm a big fan of the show , I wanted to discuss with others about it.
Please write your favorite moment and describe how you felt about it when you were watching it.
What was your favorite moment in game of thrones season finale ?

That was some of memorable moments.


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  • (spoiler alert) Oh god, I seriously don't know! This episode was epic! The R+L=J theory was almost confirmed, at least we know jon is not Ned's son, and the series did gave a lot of clues for that since season 1, for me wasn't really a shock, I was just finnaly happy it was confirmed. The way Cersei blew the high septon, that was a shock, I was not expecting that oh god, and some characters I thought would still continue in the series were killed! I was just disappointed about the way Tommen die, I knew he would die, but I thought it would be someone killing him, or maybe even cersei. I know she loves her children's very much but he was pushing the limits! Ohh and oh my god, Jon was named lord of Winterfell, and I sense some war between brothers coming!!! I think Littlefinger got what he want, make Sansa believe she was the one who should be in front of Winterfell, even though she before said it shoul be Jon! I can't wait a year!!!

    • Ohh and Arya? I was not expecting that! I knew she had training and everything, maybe I was expecting she could be a faceless girl, but let's talk about the way she murdered the guy and made him eat his sons! WTF? I was not expecting this character to develop like she did, I'm afraid about what's coming for her! And Bran is definitely coming back to winterfell, hope is sooner than later!

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    • Sansa told Jon that : You are a Stark to me. That means that she will never plot against his brother.

    • @Entruder @iAMNirvana Yeah littlefinger might try and succeed, that's what I'm worried about, she didn't care but with the influence of littlefinger she might began to care, but that's just speculation, let's see what happens

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    The King in the North!
    Daenerys finally sails to Westeros with House Tyrell, House Martell, House Greyjoy, thousands of Dothraki and Unsullied. I guarantee they're going to meet Euron on the way and there will be a major battle at sea.

    • Yea. I liked when Daenerys gave the hand of the queens badge to Tyrion , it was a bit emotional. And i agree with you on Euron , because he failed to be allies with Daenerys and she can't go straight for kings landing, there gotta be more trouble , its not going to be that easy.
      That king in the north scene was so emotional after all the stuff john has been through.
      It was like his brother ( Rob) resurrected again like he was resurrected.

    • The music this episode was amazing. Got those feels and chills at the Tower of Joy, King in the North, and Daenerys sailing to Westeros

    • Oh yea the music of the show is phenomenon. It always was But in this last episode they really did well.

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  • Due to the last episode Jon sacrifice too much, So I am not exciting so much.
    Now it is the secret of identification that seem to be a trouble. I can not find clues what happen so I am wondering. We dont need to worry about Daenerys now.
    So I think the episode is peace after war but it is also peace before storm.
    It is pity this is end of the season.

    • The feedback were good till now and Its almost the end of the whole story.
      I hope that the production team don't screw up these last moments.

  • The credits... :v

    Kidding kidding... the whole dam episode!!! I said WTF over 20 times lol.

  • When that weak little dickhead jumped out the window.

    • I hated Tommen to. The character i hate doesn't have to be a vicious person , It is weak idiots like him. He was the reason that they were in that situation by supporting the high sparrow and he let them do what they want. He was so weak that he let them almost take the control of his city and he did nothing about it when they stripped his mother and all those other things.

    • Yep, and it means no more Natalie Dormer :( lol

  • I was hoping what's her face would've made it out somehow. I liked her... But she would've been vaporized in a mile radius anyways, so I want so sad. I was curious why the hell benjen just take them back to castle black or somewhere not in the middle of fucking nowhere. At least a fucking hamlet where the girl doesn't have to drag him anymore 😑. That last scene with the armada have me a boner

  • walder fray eating his own children.

  • None, I fucking hate this show. I'll stick to "The Crow: A Stairway to Heaven" and "Mortal Kombat: Conquest."