Where do you think Kevin Durant will end up and why?

By the way, the 6 teams that I listed are his rumored top destinations.

Where do you think he'll end up and why?
  • Oklahoma City Thunder
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  • Golden State Warriors
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  • Boston Celtics
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  • San Antonio Spurs
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  • Los Angeles Clippers
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  • Miami Heat
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  • Other (List the team)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • It's the warriors, thunder or Celtics. It really depends on Russell Westbrook. And that depends on damar derozan. If demar goes to the Lakers, Westbrook is staying. If the Lakers don't sign him, Westbrook is going there. Them with Clarkson, Westbrook, D'Angelo and Randle and Ingram? My lord! That will be up there with gsw's small ball

    I can see Durant going to the warriors if they trade off Barnes. Everyone says they'll get rid of ezeli, but I don't think you trade him. I think they need bogut, ironically. I think they'll get rid of Speights and varajao and maybe iguodala, which might be a bad move cause he can "stop" LeBron.

    But the c's are really good and they're in the east which you only have to really worry about Cleveland. That would make the most sense. If he would move. He doesn't want to do this next year, too. If that was the case, he'd definitely come back to the thunder for the reason above. The clippers are cursed, the heat might have a chance and the spurs have a shot, but it just doesn't seem like he'll go there for some reason

    But I think we can all agree he isn't going to the knicks. How fucked up is it that he isn't really even considering them, yet having meetings in that city? 😂 fucking savage!

    • Excellent answer, man! I agree with everything you said!

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    • The other think is market and media coverage. He hates that shit, so that hurts the knicks a lot. It'll be interesting how much shots become a factor. The spurs, warriors and, to some extent, the Celtics are all about teamwork making the dream work. Besides Boston, the other 2 will be more about call movement and he won't get the touches on some nights that he'd like. He'd be the 3rd or 4th option there. But we've also seem them feed the hot hand, like the might klay went god mode and got 37 points in a quarter or game 6 of the wcf

Most Helpful Girl

  • I can't keep up with everything anymore.

    Seriously, need someone who's into sports to give me short updates.

    Volunteers? :D


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  • Durant?

    LMAO it knows a move called "pull out".

  • I see him ending up drunk and naked on the bathroom floor at a gay bar with scabs on his knees!

    • Hmmm. Drunk and naked? Then he will be a Celtic then! Haha!

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    • Red Auerback! He's way before my time, but I'll always be grateful to the two titles he won with my Knicks :)

    • Yeah, he made the rounds. A true great!

  • GWS cause he's really good and they want to win championship next year

    • I think it will be so cheesy if he goes there. It will make him look so weak. Weaker than LeBron teaming up with D-Wade & Bosh.

  • I think he probably stays OKC, but hard to say. The Ibaka trade actually improves them over the course of his next contract.

    • I think he'll end up staying as well. We'll see on Friday!

    • Neither SAS or GSW would stun me. Anything else I'd be quite surprised.

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