What are your thoughts on mother and child artistic nudes on social media?

OK, I have a friend who's into art and she took a picture of me holding my 3 year old daughter while topless with her arms around my neck and using photoshop, drew over it to make a digital art piece of us as mermaids sitting on a rock by the seashore. I like it and was debating on whether to upload it as my FB profile pick. Do you think that I should?


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  • Hard call on this one. Trying to picture it and it sounds to me like it would be very appropriate for public exposure. Your thoughts of appropriateness are primary and it sounds like you are fine with it. But also is the acceptance of where you put it. I think FB would be against it for the exposed breasts, but as art it might be okay with them. And are you okay with people you see daily seeing your breasts?

    Personally I think the picture sounds great and that putting it out where others can see it is a good thing. I would have no problems with my SO doing that. Again, it mostly depends on your personal feelings about it. If you decide to do that, please message me a link because I am interested in seeing the final result.

    • Thank you for MHGuy. :-)
      Would like to hear what you decided and how it went if you did that.

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  • Don't upload that as a FB picture. It's not appropriate.

  • i feel like
    If youbhave to ask
    Then no
    But I don't know, I don't know what the actually pic looks like so its hard to say

  • I think that sounds okay. Whether you find that okay to share with certain people is another thing. Like you might not want strangers to see it.

    • I have a privacy setting on my FB

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