Do you like this group BTS edition?

BTS is super popular right now. They're so popular that some Kpop fans think their fans are annoying because they post everywhere and there's so many of them. Their signature is very good dancing. Even though Kpop is famous for good dancing in general BTS are among the best and they usually have very good choreographies.

Their songs also often have a message about real life. This one is about working hard everyday to succeed. Having the drive while others slack off and giving everything for your goal. This song is their biggest hit so far.

This song is about the pressure that kids are under to perform in school and getg a successful career make money etc. In korea this pressure is pretty high and they say not to be trapped in someone elses dream. Will money alone really bring you happiness?

This last one is a new song. A BTS fan was mad when I said it sounded a lot like a Justin Bieber song but it's true you can: Say what you want Say what you want ;P

I like some of their songs and choreographies but I'm not a fanatic. What do you think?



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  • ARMY ever since No More Dream era checking in. ✌

    • I'm not a ARMY ;). I would be a Blackjack but even though I love 2NE1 I'm not too focused on one group. I just do a lot of Kpop questions when I'm bored :P. Maybe I can spread Kpop a bit more ;). But thanks for stopping by :).

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    • @Correctfemale Someone's excited lol

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  • Damn! They got moves!

    • Yep :) . Since when are you a Guru? Makes me feel so worthless T_T ;P

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    • I need 17000 to reach Guru lol. I doubt I'll get that because I don't really like this site that much it wastes a lot of time. I already wanted to quit once but a girl I talked to a lot was on here so I kinda got sucked back in. Now I'm thinking about quitting again but I like to write sometimes and mytakes are pretty good for that. But there's probably better sites out there for that. I just feel like I spend too much time on here and don't really accomplish anything so that's why I don't like it.

    • Amazon gift cards are a good way to motivate you to get points. XD

  • they're really good. one of my favorite choreographers created the dance to fire, keone madrid who's legend at muscle isolation

  • I know Dope and I like the song. others - not so much.

  • They're just perfect^^ My bias group ❤️


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