Why is Netherlands successful in last World football cups but not successful in European football cups?

World cup 2010 - Finalist
Euro 2012 - Could not qualify to the finals
World cup 2014 - Semifinalist
Euro 2016 - :'(


What Girls Said 1

  • I know 😭 And they always get so close in the World Cup and then start karate kicking everyone 😂 I was disappointed to not see them this time (I'm half Dutch) so I've been supporting Belgium instead. (I never support England... boo)

    • I don't think anyone supports england anymore. Definitely want Belgium to wipe the smile off the smug welsh cunts.

    • @Josht13 😂 England are an embarrassment. I don't know why we always get so hyped as a country and it always goes the same way. Go Belgium either way tbh.

    • England are generally pretty good until it comes to actual turnaments. This season they've won 2-0 against France, 2-3 against Germany, 1-0 against Portugal and 2-1 against Wales. But for some reason they still fuck up when it counts.

What Guys Said 2

  • I think that they had a lot of major players injured like Robben and Sneijder also got a new manager who fucked them up.

  • Sports teams go in and out of being great and not so great. This can happen for many reasons but one of the major reasons it happens is if a key team member leaves the team.