What would you rate my room I drew?

This is the original sorry camera quality was bad
I had to paint it on paint since it was so hard to see with pencil drawings only

What would you rate my room I drew?

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  • 3-4 below average
  • 5-6 average
  • 7 great
  • 8 amazing
  • 9 superb
  • 10 perfect
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  • It looks good.

    There are a few mistakes with your perspective.

    On the window, you got the top and bottom of the window right. But the horizontal divider for the four-panes is off. It should "point" to the vanishing point. All horizontal and vertical lines should go through the vanishing point if extended.

    The bottom of the door is off. It's too low. The bottom of the door should be an extension of a line from the vanishing point, through the lower left corner of the back wall.

    The cabinet (or whatever that is on the lower right) should extend further toward the back. The bottom line and the line against the wall should extend until they hit the back wall. So it will partially block the back wall from view.

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    • Yea, post the new one.

      I need to correct myself also. I typed without thinking.
      "All horizontal and vertical lines should go through the vanishing point if extended."
      That's even close to being right, but you probably already knew that. :)

    • ah wow, great answer.

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  • it's really good! Your ability to draw perspective is good. Some things need a little work - the window and the door, I think, seem a little out-of-perspective. Perspective is one of the most important things in art, though. One of my favourite paintings is known for its masterful use of perspective - I would link it but I'm too low level! - 'Cimabue's madonna carried in procession' by Frederic Leighton, because of the Madonna itself in the center; we see it at an almost totally sideways angle.

    Keep it up!

  • Not my personal style.

  • I would give a rating of 7 your good


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