Why celebrities degrade themselves like that in our days?

Social media destroyed them. I took a “walk” the last few days on several celebrities’ instagrams (more than 30 in total) from my country (To put it better, semi-celebrities, because most of them aren’t internationally known.) and what I saw?

500-1000 pictures in their profile and most of them totally silly and simple-minded. How their fans take them seriously? When a 40-45 year old woman uploads silly pictures using Snapchat filters or sticking out her tongue, for example? Or the ultra-stupid habit to take a picture about what you are going to eat or drink?

Fuck me, world would be much better if one day social media were abolished. Only an e-mail is enough. Why Social media are needed anyway?

Especially instagram is the absolute trash, it ridicules the art of photography to the core. Just someone abolish it, it makes me wanting to throw up everytime I see people uploading the stupidest pictures ever.


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  • Why spend so much time looking at pictures only to complain about them? You sound like a very unhappy person. Rather than spending your time productively, you just criticize people who are happier than you. Maybe try to like yourself a bit more, and then you won't be so unforgiving of others.


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