Would you be in a personal photo shoot with a professional photographer?

If you could make a photoshoot with a professional photographer just for fun, would you make it? what kind of pictures would you be interested in?
  • i would love portraits of me
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  • maybe dessous, bikini and above
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  • i would like to try partial nudes and above
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  • i would like to try nudes and above
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  • i would love sexual pictures and above
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  • i'm not interested in being photographed
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  • I have done that already (non-sexual though, those aren't for me) and the pics turned out to be cool. 😄

    • what kind of pictures did you do? what did you like about it? would you like to do it again? what kind of pictures you would like to try?

    • I had to do those for the 8th grader albume. I like the artsy type of pics, so those were kind of artsy (flowers, old castle). I'm not too fond on pics (I look like a potato in most of them @.@) but that wasn't a bad experience.

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