How can I prevent protein farts?

I'm lactose intolerant and I know it so it's not the powder.

Apparently we get gas because our body can't digest that much protein at once. Hemp doesn't have much compare to whey so maybe it's just too much for me? One solution on Google was to eat stuff that has good tummy bacteria. I eat probiotics in place of yogurt because yogurt is icky in my opinion.
Still farting.
It smells like poo everywhere I go.

How can I prevent these farts? I started like a week ago so I'm new to this. Would halving the protein shake and taking one before and the other after workout help? Or that'll just make things worse for those at the gym? What do I dooooooooo?

I'm sure there's someone here that's had that same problem!


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  • I don't even know why girls take protein shakes. men take them because of the tremendous amount of calories needed to obtain a muscular physique and the impracticality of the 6 meals a day diet. women typically workout to get some moderate definition, especially around the thighs and ass. you don't need to go on a calorie surplus, just do squats, deadlifts, lunges etc. and your body will tell you if it needs more calories because you will become hungry.

    • I don't do just legs and butt, I do whole body. I want more muscles!
      I also brought a huge bag so I have to finish it...

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    • Lolol that's too much bruh. Toned for sure then. I only take it when I do weights! And I don't eat enough protein anyways so taking shakes would just help me reach what's necessary to get through the day. :/

    • if that's too much, then I don't get why you're taking protein shakes, you don't need it. by the way, I empathise with you wanting to train the whole body but legs is already 60%, so you're doing good if you do squats and deadlifts. just throw some bench press and chin-ups in there and that's the whole body covered.

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  • There is no arguing with the fact that you know yourself better than anyone else. So if there is a particular food or method that works for you, stick with it.

    If what you are doing is healthy and it gets rid of your protein farts, there is no reason for you not to do it.

    Wishing you the best of luck.


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  • hahahaaahahahahahahaha

    • It's funny until you get yelled at for it. Every few mins it's, did you fucking fart again? 😦

    • ya i know thats why im laughing hahaha we all been there... well at least people who care enough to go to the gym

  • Just fart bro


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