What are thoughts on YouTube celebrity Onision?

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  • I was subscribed to him for a long time, cause I was pretty curious about his character. He was a little hard for me to read, and I read people easily, so was interesting, but I thought early on he was a narcissist. But wanted to just figure him out, and yeah im pretty sure he is, and probably a psychopath. Im also pretty sure thats why he support feminism as much as he do too. To win gullible girls over, while in reality he absuses them. He is right about several things sometimes no doubt, but yeah he is not right in the head. Dont be fooled I wanna say.

    • These are my thoughts exactly!

    • Glad someone else sees this then :). Even though I explained it poorly an didn't go into much detail about it all.

  • "Celebrity." Lol. No. He's just a jerk with a huge ego and overly color corrected webcams. I used to hate him when I was 13, then I started watching all his videos, and now I hate him again.
    Why? He judges everyone, and he recorded his wife having a mental breakdown and posted it online. She told him to turn the camera off but he wouldn't. It takes a special kind of jerk to do what he did.

  • Never cared to watch his stuff, since most big Youtubers aren't particularly likable unless you're 12.


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