Have you tried any virtual reality?

The only thing I've tried is a google cardboard type thing, which was good but not amazing. But now my university has brought an HTC Vive and next week I should get to try it for free :D I'm so excited I feel like I will explode. Has anyone here tried it? Or a different VR?
  • I've tried google cardboard or something similar
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  • I've tried occulous rift or something similar
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  • I've tried HTC Vive
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  • I haven't tried any VR
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  • I haven't tried it but looks like fun

    • Yeah the Vive looks amazing, can't wait to try it

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  • No real interest in it as a form of gaming, because nothing has ever beaten the reliability of a basic controller.

    • A controller doesn't really feel like it's you doing it, with the vive controllers it's like you're actually holding things

  • I haven't tried any VR


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