Sickest girl group in 7 years about to debut?

I already made a question about this but idgaf I'm hyped !

Members :

#1 Jennie Kim (Leader)

Sickest girl group in 7 years about to debut?

She has appeared in a MV already (just as a actress) and has also performed as a singer. She substituted for the original singer.

#2 Lisa (Lead dancer)

She seems to be the best dancer in the group she has also been in a dance crew in the past.
This is her dancing in 2012 still as a trainee.

She has also done some modeling as seen here:

#3 Jisoo (Visual)

She of course also does singing and dancing but the visual is usually supposed to be good looking, get attention for the group and also do modeling if there's companies that will pay. Even though they haven't debuted yet Jisoo has already done ads for Samsonite (tv ad and photos) and also Nikon. She has also been in several music videos and a tv show before.

#4 Rosé (Lead Vocalist)

She can be heard singing in this song from about 1:35

They are suposed to debut at the end of July with 3 music videos I'm really excited :P
Here you can see a video of all 4 dancing together to a choreography that the dance group Royal Family performed at the 2015 World of Dance World championships. They only do a part of it.

YG is the entertainment company that trained them and that they are signed under, they usually have a edgy more hip hop influenced style that I like. There have been a ton of cute girl group songs lately so I'm really hoping they will be badass and kill their debut.

Have I convinced you to give this group a try once their songs come out?
Probably not I know T_T

Bump comment pleeeaaaase :)
I forgot to add that Jennie Kim will probably be rapping aswell as singing. Usually a group has 1 or sometimes multiple people who rap there's not that much information atm because they're not performing yet.


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  • Looks legit

    • Glad you think so, I think they will be awesome :). I must create more fans for them lol :P. I will hypnotise you and command you to like them and give their videos lots of views ;).

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