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I've been here for a week, so I figured a thread like this would be relevant.

I'm an white/Arab girl in my late teens. I’m a STEM major currently living and studying in Canada. My secondary focus is bolstering my competency in the English language, and to that end, I find myself reading far more books than doing anything else. That is a main reason why I make posts in these forums. I have an interest particularly on Eastern European history, although I find history of ancient civilisations - such as the Romans and Sumerians, to be fairly interesting. Recently, I’ve expanded more towards philosophy and depth psychology.

I will also never show a picture of myself online, particularly because I don’t want people IRL to know what I do in these forums ;)


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  • I am a mixed girl (to many things to count), in my mid-teens currently in high school and I just figured what I want to do with my life. I am completely interested in things such as psychology and social and why people do the things they do. Being a psychologist is my fall back n if being a lawyer doesn't work and I am mostly completely clueless about anything that ones not involve One Direction, 5SOS, or any other band. But at the same time know a lot about a lot of things so... I'm actually a very complex person, but I never to close to me.

    • Interesting. I'm sure you'd get into law school with sufficient effort!
      Do you read psychology? I'm personally a huge fan of Jung's theories.

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    • I see ^_^
      Developmental psychology was also one of the few things that got me reading into psychology It's fascinating!

    • It really is!

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  • I grew up in Sweden, Ystad precisely.
    I love the outdoors and I prefer spending time in it.
    I'm bisexual but also androphobic, so dating is awkward.
    My viewpoints on anything don't truly align with any party except the eccentric.
    I love science, philosophy, history, language, mythology and reading in general.
    Pm me to ask anything in particular.

  • STEM field and I also dislike sharing my pics online. I don't use this forum very much anymore. Lots of studying lately.

  • I'm basically here to just fuck with everyone when I get bored.

  • 21
    stem field
    into engineering n physics
    i believe in humanism


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